Option Technology uses InSite to reduce data centre PUE

AdInfa presented its latest customer success story at the Data Centre World conference (datacentreworld.com) in London on 28th February 2013. Philip Petersen, AdInfa’s CEO, was joined by John Bryant (CTO) and Glenn Selby (Data Centre Manager) from Options Technology (www.options-it.com) to talk about how they used InSite from AdInfa to reduce options’ PUE and hotpsots across 22 sites worldwide. Options Technology is a premium technology infrastructure service provider operating exclusively in the Financial Services sector and providing services globally to over 130 firms.

Seeking a solution, Options reviewed several products but was particularly struck by InSite’s ease of use and flexibility compared to others.

‘Too many DCIM products on the market are over-complicated, are not intuitive to use and come with a price tag that makes them unattractive’, says John Bryant, CTO;

‘We have improved the monitoring of our power estate, delivered power load balancing, reduced PUE and have seen a return on our investment within 6 months.’

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