No automated metering in your data centre? You cannot be serious!

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I have just been looking at a survey run by The Green Grid – “How often do you measure PUE™/DCiE in your data center?”.  The results indicate to me a problem that data centre operators need to address now.  And that problem is – no automated meter reading.

At the time of writing, approximately 500 people have responded to the survey.  Around 33% have answered “Never”.  Another 20% have said “Monthly” and 8% have said “Weekly”.  As I see it, that is at least 60% of data centre operators who do not have automated metering and monitoring in place.  If they did then they would have much more visibility of PUE.  More importantly, it begs the question – what else are they missing?

PUE is just a metric, of course, but if you are one of the minority of data centre managers (29% according to the survey) who is monitoring it continuously then you probably have some other granular metering and monitoring in place, too.  That’s a very good thing; in fact I would argue it is business critical.  Having detailed, real-time visibility of where the power is going – rack-level or even device level – puts you in a much better position to

  • manage capacity
  • identify under-used servers
  • bill for actual usage
  • reduce risk of downtime

Without it you cannot operate optimally.  Moreover, having that information available automatically through dashboards and interactive management reports saves a lot of time and money.

Gathering meter data manually is notoriously error-prone and time-consuming, not to mention dull.  If that is how your facility operates, it’s time to change!  Instrument with network-addressable meters and sensors.  And automate with a software solution, like InSite, that will monitor your power infrastructure and put actionable information, including PUE, at your disposal continuously.  It makes business sense.

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