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    InSite keeps PCT data centre healthy

    A Primary Care Trust (PCT) relies on InSite to monitor environmental sensors in its data centre. PCTs are part of the National Health Service(NHS) and they exist to provide primary and community services as well as commissioning some secondary care services. PCTs must make sure that there are enough services for the people living within […]

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    InSite monitors local authority’s data centres

    InSite has been deployed by a service provider to enable it to monitor remotely a local authority’s data centre and server room estate which is spread across several locations. To ensure ICT systems are kept running it is important that problems are spotted as soon as they occur, even when staff are not on site […]

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    Carbon Trust supports AdInfa

    AdInfa has been selected to join the Carbon Trust Incubator programme in the category of energy efficiency.  As an incubatee, AdInfa will be supported by the Carbon Trust – TTP Incubator as it researches the market for data centre energy monitoring and management and develops its InSite software technology to address the opportunities identified. Selection […]