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    AdInfa Pitching to Save UK Government £220 million

    On 19th July AdInfa is going to Downing Street to talk about data centre energy management. AdInfa has been selected as one of the best companies to have submitted proposals to the Cabinet Office Innovation Launch Pad. From the 351 initial proposals, nine SMEs were shortlisted to present their proposals. Only one was chosen to […]

  • news13bann

    Finding a niche

    Philip Petersen relates his experiences of entrepreneurship with his start-up AdInfa. ‘Anita Roddick, the founder of Body Shop, once said ‘it is true that there is a fine line between entrepreneurship and insanity… But, you have to believe that everything is possible.’ Whilst I don’t think I am insane, I can empathise completely with the […]

  • news12bann

    Shortlisted for Data Centre Awards 2011

    The Judges of the fourth annual Data Centre Awards 2011, have announced the shortlisted companies across nine industry categories. The Awards panel has received nominations from companies across Europe, central and eastern Europe and the Judges have undertaken a rigorous review over the past three months assessing the nominations. AdInfa is delighted to be shortlisted […]

  • news11bann

    Greenmonk: ‘InSite helping companies save energy’

    Greenmonk , the analyst firm focusing on energy management and sustainability, spoke to Philip Petersen recently. The article talks about how InSite can save companies such as Cisco 30% in IT equipment energy consumption. It highlights the strengths and flexibility of InSite’s use of PostgreSQL database technology as well as InSite’s cability to proactively monitor […]

  • news10bann

    The bottom line on green IT

    Let’s face it – for businesses it is all about the money. In this article for ‘Computing’ (8 Jan 2011), it is argued that there are 3 issues driving green IT: energy prices, regulation and corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments. AdInfa can help on all levels with its InSite software. InSite enables data centre managers […]

  • news9bann

    Technical solutions for a greener future

    This article from ‘Computing’ (8 Jan 2011) discusses how some technologies can reduce energy consumption in data centres yet be quick to implement and relatively cheap. Central to achieving the goal is measuring and monitoring the data centre environment and energy draw. This is the job of InSite – AdInfa’s powerful, easy-to-use data centre infrastructure […]

  • news8bann

    Smart Power Management

    In this webinar, created in association with, AdInfa and Cisco discuss how they reduced costs and increased operational flexibility in a data centre that functions as a technical lab through the deployment of AdInfa’s InSite software. The methodology can be applied to any similar environment and the benefits – both financial and operational – […]

  • news7bann

    Meter, monitor, measure, manage

    We talk regularly to IT, data centre and facilities managers who are being asked to provide detailed reports on data centre energy consumption, energy costs and carbon emissions. These requests come from a variety of departments in the organisation but are typically driven by a senior executive with responsibility for corporate responsibility, operations or finance. […]

  • news5bann

    Cisco and AdInfa help customers cut operating costs and carbon emissions

    Cisco and AdInfa have collaborated to manage data centre energy consumption through the deployment of the InSIte power management system. Cisco’s Technical Marketing Engineering (TME) Labs are at the heart of the company’s sales success. The result has been a 30% reduction in ICT equipment power consumption and 50% lower cooling costs, representing return on […]

  • news4bann

    InSite maintains balance of power in broadcast business

    It was no longer acceptable to rely on periodic manual reading of meters distributed throughout the building to see if there was sufficient spare operating capacity available. Working with AdInfa, the 3-phase power distribution units (PDUs) in the data centre were fitted with IP-addressable meters which were networked on the LAN. An InSite server was […]

  • news3bann

    InSite keeps police on straight and narrow

    A major UK police force uses InSite to monitor it’s data centre’s environmental sensors and power infrastructure and to deliver automated alerts to support staff. Police work is 24×7 and mission critical – by definition – and the IT infrastructure supporting it must be always available. Key to maintaining operational effectiveness is the data centre […]