DCIM – is it really so complicated?

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Implementing a data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) solution is usually portrayed as being very complicated.  There are so many aspects to it (for example asset management, auto discovery, monitoring, dashboards, alerting, automations, and so on and on) that it is difficult to compare solutions.  Implementing DCIM requires a lot of planning.  It requires IT and facilities to collaborate.  And it can be very expensive – not just to buy but in ongoing ownership costs.  And yet…………….

Here’s a typical scenario.  A data centre manager described to me his recent experience of looking for a DCIM solution.  He has an 80-rack facility already fitted with intelligent power strips and some sensors.  He received several quotes for systems but the core problem was the 5-year payback cycle for the licenses alone (not including professional services).  This just made no sense and was completely out of synch with his needs and budget.  Sub-year payback has to be the order of the day for the investment to make sense and get signed off.

Part of the problem is undoubtedly caused by the breadth of capability of solutions coming under the DCIM banner.  It is often hard to compare one to another.  All singing, all dancing DCIM products might well be excellent and extremely sophsiticated with complex user interfaces but frequently they are somewhat overwhelming, too.  I believe that many data centre managers are looking for solutions that are very capable yet relatively simple to implement and use and, above all, are cost-effective.  I believe they value vendor independence because they operate in a heterogenous environment.  Data centre managers want something that is flexible and can ideally leverage the infrastructure (incl. meters, PDU strips, sensors, UPS, etc) they have already invested in.  They want something that can be implemented quickly, and can start giving them real-time information on metrics like capacity, energy consumption and PUE immediately.  They also want to know that the solution they implement is reliable, scalable and can grow in breadth and depth of capability as they ask it to do more.

Value for money is critical and is too often what is forgotten.  It is not about the technology but what it delivers and how quickly it proves the RoI case to the CFO and CIO.  So, get in touch and let’s talk about how InSite can help you save money now and manage your data centre more effectively.  Getting started may be simpler than you think!

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