Data Centres

  • blog_magic

    Where’s The Magic?

    Magic shows can be extremely entertaining and the best have genuine “wow” moments. Coins are produced from nowhere, buses and buildings disappear from before your eyes, padlocked straightjackets are escaped from – all done with sleight of hand, mirrors and distraction; oh, and a sprinkling of magic dust. Data centres are not illusions but real […]

  • blog_python

    Monty Python in your data centre?

    He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy! Remember that from Monty Python’s classic film, Life of Brian?  Poor young Brian suffered under the yoke of misunderstanding and having unreasonable expectations placed on his shoulders.  Fast forward two millenia and welcome to “Life of DCIM”, the story of an acronym hatched with the best […]

  • blog_horse_meat

    Don’t horse around with your data centre!

    The UK press has really got its teeth into something chewy this week: horsemeat.  Yes, that’s correct.  Apparently, those too cheap to be true ready meals and burgers containing  “100% pure beef” were just that – too cheap to be true!  The supermarkets and food manufacturers are falling over themselves to cry “foul”.  It seems […]

  • blog_NYT

    Data centres make the front page!

    “Power, Pollution and the Internet” may not be the headline you want to be associated with but it brought data centres to the front page of the New York Times on 22 September.  As someone who has tried for a while without success to get his teenage children to appreciate just how interesting and valuable data centres are, and […]