insite product overview

InSite is designed to help you get control of your data centre environment and energy consumption. InSite is a highly-flexible yet easy-to-use vendor-independent software suite. Rapid to deploy, InSite is able to capture data from the wide range of devices that make up the networked data centre infrastructure, ranging all the way from the power coming into the facility to the ICT devices that are doing the work. Processing and synthesising the data, InSite turns it into actionable management information visualised through a web browser in real-time, interactive dashboards and reports for the benefit of technical and business users alike. InSite's capabilities also include automated critical event alerts, via email and SMS text, and other actions.

Ready to work for you as soon as it is installed, InSite incorporates sophisticated database, graphics and messaging technologies, allowing you to build simple or complex reporting rules and to tailor the service to your requirements with ease. Your business will benefit from deploying InSite with increased efficiency of resource usage and staff time, reduced downtime, and maximized return on investment in systems and software.

  insite - 7 key benefits

  • Vendor independence guards against lock-in and leverages your existing investments
  • Rapid return on investment (RoI)
  • Fits your business model, delivered as licensed software or as managed service
  • Ease of use makes it easy to adopt
  • Transparency of information understandable to technical and business people alike
  • Real-time reporting delivering actionable management information, including billing
  • Repeatable, reliable, capable, scalable

  what insite looks like

InSite is controlled through a secure, interactive, web front-end. Complex information is displayed in an easy to understand manner enabling you to focus instantly on urgent and important events:

Colourful, interactive, real-time graphics are used to drive powerful reporting tools that highlight what needs your attention now:

To trends of important metrics such as PUE:

And to detailed information such as power consumption together with associated costs and carbon emissions:-

This product uses software developed by Spread Concepts LLC for use in the Spread toolkit. For more information about Spread see

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